What is Net Metering?

Net Metering is an interesting concept proposed by MNRE, Government of India, in which consumers can export solar power to the grid and import grid power conveniently.

The consumer will pay for the difference of import and export of power.

For example:

  • Solar generated power = 150 units
  • Grid consumed power = 250 units
  • Consumer pays for 100 (250-150) units only.

In addition to the above, consumer can get paid by supplying excess solar power to the grid.

For example:

  • Solar generated power = 300 units
  • Grid consumed power = 250 units
  • Consumer gets paid by the DISCOM for 50 (300 – 250) units only.

The concept is very simple and is promoted by the respective governments to avail of Net Metering subsidy and increase the usage of solar power. Please refer to the local nodal agency’s policy on Net Metering. In addition to 30% subsidy by the government of India, few state governments give 20% subsidy up to 3KW for domestic purposes.

The Net Metering facility is applicable to Domestic and Commercial segments up to the capacity of 100KW.
Please check with local nodal agencies of MNRE for Net Metering policy.