Privatize Power in two ways:

  • Rooftop installation and no strings attached by the government. This is further broken down into two: A) Customer pays for the solar system upfront and uses the power. B) Consumer and Supplier will get into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) where supplier will invest, install and own the system for a fixed term and bill the consumer at an agreed tariff per unit. In both the scenarios, supplier will install the system on the customer’s / consumers’ rooftop.
  • Solar Power Plant Supply through DISCOM. Here the DISCOM’s role will be to wheeling in power and Supplier’s will be to install the solar power plants and supply to consumers through DISCOM. It is the Supplier who is responsible for supplying the power and not the DISCOM that is limited to wheeling in.

Government should be more on regulations and facilitating citizens and businesses with better services. There was a reason for the government to be in business earlier, especially electricity, but things have been changing now and we have to look forward to a better and greater India. Privatize power.

With solar power becoming more acceptable and mainstream, the government should pave a path for solar companies to supply power to consumers directly.

Time has come for privatization of power!