Return on Investment

The Return on Investment can be measured in several ways:

  • Continuous supply of power during day time
  • Reduction of power bill
  • Contribution to the Green world

OFF_GRID: A standard rate of return on a smaller system (under 5KW off-grid) is usually expected to be less than 8 years. On a larger system (5-10KW off-grid) the expected payback period is around 5-7 years. Although the initial up-front cost appears to be high, the long term benefits of these systems far outweigh cost. The RoI is subject to the system installed.

ON-GRID:The on-grid systems are often marketed as a way for you to make money and also save on your own electricity bills. This is because you can get paid for the electricity that your solar panels produce and supply to the grid. In India, your monthly electricity bill is adjusted at a prefixed buy-back rate by the state government. Please be advised that the state subsidy and buy-back of solar power are applicable to on-grid systems and not off-grid. The return on investment for such systems can be less than 6 years.

The return on investment of solar panel installation varies and is specific to each project – this is determined by a number of factors including:

  • The system size and cost
  • The location of the panels
  • The angle (tilt) of the panels
  • Orientation (anything from East through to West is viable, with the South being the optimum direction for maximum yield)
  • Any shading issues

You are assured of RoI. Please take time to understand your load during day time for solar service provider to design and install an optimum solution.

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