SMA Solar Technology AG is a global leader in the development, production and sales of solar inverters and, as an energy management group, offers innovative key technologies for future power supply structures.

Technologically, the inverter is the most important component of a PV plant. It converts the direct current generated in the photovoltaic cells into alternating current compliant with the grid requirements for self-consumption or feed-in to the power distribution grid. As an intelligent system manager, it also monitors both the PV array and the power distribution grid.

SMA develops and manufactures highly efficient PV inverters for all installation sizes and power classes and for any grid specifications worldwide which perform important grid management functions, which are becoming increasingly important as electricity production from renewable sources grows, these include intelligent energy management at a household level, grid integration of solar power and connecting storage facilities for more effective use of renewable energy.

Technical Specification

Input (DC)

Max. DC power (@ cos f=1) Max. input voltage 1000 V MPP voltage range / rated input voltage 320 V – 800 V / 600 V Min. input voltage / initial input voltage 150 V / 188 V


Nominal AC voltage: 3 / N / PE; 220 / 380 V 3 / N / PE; 230 / 400 V 3 / N / PE; 240 / 415 V
Nominal AC voltage range 160 V – 280 V
AC power frequency / range 50 Hz, 60Hz / -6 Hz ... +5 Hz
Rated grid frequency / rated grid voltage 50 Hz / 230 V
Max. output current 16 A
Power factor at rated power 1
Adjustable displacement factor 0.8 overexited ... 0.8 underexited
Phase conductors / connection phases 3 / 3


Max. efficiency / European efficiency 98.1 % / 97.7 %

Protective devices

Input-side disconnection device yes
Ground-fault monitoring / grid monitoring yes / yes
DC surge arrester Type II, can be integrated opt.
DC reverse-polarity protection / AC short-circuit current capability / galvanic ally isolated yes / yes / —
All-pole sensitive residual current monitoring unit yes
Protection class (according to IEC 62103) / overvoltage category (according to IEC 60664-1) I / III

General data

Dimensions (W / H / D) 665 / 690 / 265 mm (26.2 / 27.2 / 10.4 inch)
Weight 64 kg / 141.1 lb
Operating temperature range -25 °C ... +60 °C / -13 °F ... +140 °F
Noise emission (typical) 51 dB(A)
Self-consumption at night 1 W
Topology / cooling concept Transformerless OptiCool
Degree of protection (according to IEC 60529) IP65
DC terminal SUNCLIX
Certificates and approvals (more available on request)

AS 4777, BDEW 2008, C10/11:2012, CE, CEI 0-16, CEI 0-21, EN 50438*, G59/3, IEC 61727 (MEA/PEA), IEC 62109-1/2, NEN EN 50438, PPC, PPDS, RD 1699, RD 661/2007, SI4777, UTE C15-712-1, VDE 0126-1-1, VDE-AR-N 4105

Solar Monitoring Systems

Whether a home rooftop system, a larger solar power system on a commercial building or complete solar power plants, SMA has the right monitoring solution for every need because your monitoring needs are as individual as your system.

The software solution for the PC
Secure, user-friendly, fast: Sunny Explorer is the basic solution for a comfortable overview of your system. All you need is a PC with a Bluetooth interface and you can immediately receive the yield overview at a glance, wirelessly. Sunny Explorer is available for download free of charge at

SUNNY BEAM with Bluetooth®
The all-in-one service package for at home
Simple, fascinating, wireless: The Sunny Beam is the compact solution for small solar power systems: it automatically monitors your system around the clock, it is very easy to operate and informs you at a glance about your yields and events. The fact that it has received prizes for its design makes it even more attractive.

SUNNY WEBBOX with Bluetooth®
Remote monitoring and remote maintenance of small solar power systems
Easy, secure, fast: The Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth ® enables monitoring of the system, wirelessly, from anywhere in the world. In combination with Sunny Portal, it is the most professional solution for consistent yield monitoring. In addition, thanks to the Sunny WebBox Assistant, as well as Bluetooth ® communication, the Sunny WebBox is set up in a flash.

Professional monitoring, management and presentation of solar power systems
Informative, user-friendly, individual: Manage solar systems of any size, simply and centrally, with the comprehensive Internet portal. Wherever you may be, you always have access to the data which is most important to you; whether on your PC or cell phone. In addition, the high-performance reporting regularly informs you via email and thus safeguards your yields.

Both the solar inverters and system monitoring from SMA are designed for a lifespan of at least 20 years as equip them with high-quality components.