Solar works fine

Solar technology has been in use for different applications for decades. Solar panels have been designed to work in all seasons up to 25 years. The efficiency of solar panels varies from manufacturer to manufacturer as it depends on the quality and durability of material used.

The solar technology has become more reliable over the years and generates power even in cloudy days. The generated PV output will be lower during cloudy days than regular sunny days but there will be output. As per NASA, solar panels generate good output 300 days in a year.

Solar panel efficiency also depends on how the entire system is designed and engineered apart from the quality of solar cells and assembly of panels. The solar efficiency increases or decreases on the area / region / country of installation. It is radiation not temperature that matters for solar efficiency. Solar requires sunlight; even in cold weather it works absolutely fine. Remember the latest technology in solar cells and power control units (or smart inverters) increases solar efficiency up to 30% and works well in hot and cold climates.